Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The AFX Files

The May issue of The AFX Files is out
and you can pick it up on the ActionFx Blog

Here are the layouts I made from the freebies in the ezine.
Also you will get most of my pages as quick pages in there too.


photo of my grand mother (Dad's Mom)

Mother's Day Roses

rose bushes I got for Mother's Day this year

Mother & Daughter

photo of my Mom and myself in 1981, I was only a few months old


photo of my Great Grand parents

Flower Child

photo of myself a little over a year old

3 Generations

phot0 of my Mom, Myself, Sean & Seth on Mother's Day 2009

4 Generations

photo of Robby, his grandmother, mother, Sean & Seth Mother's Day 2009


photo of my Grandmother and Dad

**all proper credits are in the ezine**

Happy Scrapping

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