Monday, August 24, 2009

Back 2 School

Today i used a fabulous store collab for Paradise 4 Scrappers.
It has tagger and full size kits for all your scrapping needs.
You can either purchase the kit, or get it free with a $1o purchase
at Paradise 4 Scrappers

Back 2 School Collab will only be avaliable for a short time,
so hurry on over to Paradise 4 Scrappers.

Here are the 3 layouts I did so far with this amazing collab

Lunch Time

photo of Sean at school
template by Andrea Gold #397

Last Day of 1st Grade

photo of Sean with his 1st grade teacher Miss Hoven
font- first grader

Art Class

drawing by Sean for his 1st grade art project.
font-first grader & cooper std black

Friday, August 21, 2009

Starlight, Starbright

Today I used a fabulous collab kit by the wonderful designers at Stargazer Scraps,
Starlight Starbright.
It has full and tagger size scraps for all your scraping needs.
You can get it for free if you purchase $10 worth of scraps.

Here are the 3 layouts I did with the kit so far.

Seth Fishing

photo of Seth fishing when we were on vacation at Daulphin Island this summer
font- typewriter old style

Mama & Me

photo of my Mama & me about 1981

Granny's Star

photo of my great grandmother "Granny" and me about 1984

Boys in my House

Kit- Down the Back Roads part 1 & 2 by Osten Wilkins Designs aka The Dude

Fonts- Loyal Fame & Nueva std cond

Poem: Boys in my House by Erin Jo Kilmer
There are boys in my house – and Spiderman shoes
And 200 papers in various blues.
There's Bob (he's a builder) and Thomas the Train,
There's a fireman coat to wear in the rain.
They have cars on their shirts and frogs on their hats
There's a glove and a ball and a red plastic bat.
There's dirt on a face and a smudge on a nose;
Grass stains on knees and sand between toes.
There's bathtime at night with bodies to scrub,
And when we're all done there is dirt in the tub!
There's bandaids and bruises and curious bumps,
There's smiles and laughter and sometimes there's grumps.
There's odors most icky; there's boogers so green
There's more yucky things than I'll ever get clean.
There's piles of laundry; there's stories at night;
There's bedtime and bathtime and dinnertime fights.
There's cars and there's trains and there's books about trucks
There's Scoop, Lofty, Dizzy, and Travis, and Muck.
Sometimes there are bugs, and sometimes there are frogs;
Sometimes they are lions, or dinos, or dogs.
There are cute little vests and darling neckties
Dragged right through the mud – oh what a surprise!
There's running and climbing and jumping and falling
And laughing and crying and hugging and brawling
And rolling and losing and finding and creeping
And whining and stealing and sometimes there's sleeping.
There's tantrums and time outs and extra loud noise –
There's love in my house shaped like two little boys.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back To School Give Away!!!

Denise has another great give away going on on her blog here.
She has the chance to win a $500 Walmart gift card thanks to the nice folks at Nestle!
What a fantastic give away, I know that could help me a lot and anyone else.
She is also posting dinner ideas for those hectic days after school when you are rushed and tired, but can't eat out.

So head on over to The Centsible Sawyer and fill out the form

Good Luck

Wow Wow Wubbzy Give Away!

I am trying to become more frugal and spend my money wiser.
So I have started using coupons and going to yard sales and bargain shopping for super deals.
I remember when i was younger, my mother was the coupon queen. We would drive to a store in a different county that did double and triple coupons to shop and sometimes the store would owe her money after we were done. Well a friend of mine I went to high school with, Denise Sawyer, has been helping me find my way again. Here blog is The Centsible Sawyer here. You can find all kinds of great ideas, coupons, rebates and offers to help you save more money. Right now she has this amazing give away for $50 in Wow Wow Wubbzy goodies. So if your child is like mine and loves the show go here and fill out the form, plus you can read about the other ways you can get more Wow Wow Wubbzy swag by purchasing some products where Nick Jr. is teaming up with Darling Clementines, On Cor Frozen Foods, Minute Rice, Jolly Time Pop Corn, and Joy Cone Company.

So go check it out

Monday, August 3, 2009


I was raked a fabulous kit by
Country Girl Creations
It is a grungy-romantic kit. Full of great elements and fabulous papers.
Here is a preview of it

Here is my layout


photo is of myself and Robby
Peace is for his last name :)